Jennifer Borden

My son’s therapist has been truly amazing! He does a fabulous job helping my son work through his trauma and learning how to overcome his past! Bos therapist is very conscientious, caring and supportive of my son. I feel very fortunate to have been able to find such a great male therapist for my son! Highly recommend DC Wellness!

Amari Wilson

DC Wellness offered the best therapy i’ve ever experienced since i was first diagnosed with my depression and anxiety. Geoffrey, my therapist, offer a variety of different coping mechanisms and the staff is so sweet and easy to talk to. Absolutely love this office and would highly recommend if other therapists just hasn’t been the right fit.

Madisyn Long

The best therapy I’ve experienced! Staff is very caring and accommodating. I’m able to talk with my therapist after hours if needed which I truly appreciate. They make sure you are comfortable and that their advice is helping and if not they will come up with a new plan so they can ensure you’re feeling better. Definitely would recommend to everyone!

Josue Ledezma-Martinez

As a patient here I would like to say that DC Wellness provided exceptional help. I started when I was at the lowest point of my life and Geoff was a huge support through it all. No matter the issue he would help guide me through it all. DC Wellness offers an environment that is professional but also welcoming to their patients. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone seeking help.


I love this place, would definitely recommend. I have this extreme fear of vomit, to where if someone so much as gagged, I would have a full blown panic attack that lasted for hours. My counselor really helped to pin-point the source of my vomit phobia. Since the day we pin-pointed it, we’ve been working on it via exposure therapy and it has really helped me a lot in the long run. I still get anxious but it’s only for a short period of time and I know how to think more rationally.

I also struggle with depression and it’s just really hard for me to find the motivation to so much as draw a simple sketch or try to finish school. He really helped me to gain my motivation back via art therapy and we talked while I drew. He’s helped me along this difficult path of mental health struggles and I now have so much appreciation for the work he has done for me and I genuinely am very glad to have met him.

c willis

I have nothing but good things to say about this practice. Geoffrey has been an incredibly helpful and caring therapist to my child. The staff has always been kind and courteous. I would highly recommend them.

Tanya Ledford

DC Wellness is an amazing place. Damaris Cortes-Figueroa and Geoffrey Brookshire are remarkably knowledgeable and caring people and therapists. If you want a therapist who will truly get to know you and will not treat you like a number or with a “cookie -cutter” answer, this is where you need to go.

Kelly Curtis

I highly recommend DC Wellness! Geoffrey is extremely skilled at what he does and has made a huge positive impact on my daughter’s mental health. If only we’d known about them sooner….office staff very pleasant as well

Francisco Fernandez

excellent mental health clinic, where there are professionals of the highest human quality and ethics, I sincerely recommend her 💯 percent, do not hesitate to contact her for any problem you have in the field of health. Among its professionals are Dámaris Cortes and an excellent team made up of Emily Townes, Geoffrey Brookshire, Michael Thomas, Ron Wickers who together can help you overcome any situation or moment in which you have found yourself or are in right now.

Gin S

I have been seeing Michael Thomas for just under a year and he has helped me tremendously. He is very easy to talk with and open up too. He has given me several different techniques and practices to aid me with finding my core issues and resolving them. I would refer him to any of my friends or family that needed help working through their issues.


We have been working with DC Wellness for awhile now, and would definitely recommend. Micheal Thomas has been a great asset for our family.

Priscilla Brackett

Therapists have been excellent supporting child and our whole family through a very complex situation. I have found the staff to be trauma-informed and very person centered.

Carrie Love

Very professional, organized, great communication, caring, and compassionate therapist. I highly recommend DC Wellness.

Laura Lund

Nothing but great things to say about my family‘s experience with this place. My son always looks forward to his appointments here and has benefited greatly from each and every session.

Lori G. McCammon

Excellent, professional staff. We have also been impressed with the caring environment and love for clients. Thank you DamRis, Geoffrey & Michael.

Sydnee Penland

Have nothing but great things to say about DC wellness! Love my therapist… very helpfule;

Paul Arney Jr

Great place if you need therapy theses ppl are skilled to help you specially Michael he loves his peeps specially the kids he has heart ✌️😎

D Shakur

I highly recommend DC Wellness !

Karen Benson

Conscientious, caring and empathetic. Will go beyond the Call of Duty to get your needs taken care of.

Liliana Munoz

I recommend this mental health clinic to everyone. My experience with Damaris Cortes and Michael Thomas has been exceptional. DC Wellness has helped my family see the positive in life. We have grown incredibly as a family. As a mother I have learned to understand and communicate well with my children. We have amazing goals in the near future. Soon we will have our house. We learned to work what we want. Thank you Damaris. Thank you Michael.

David Delgado

Thank you DC Wellness for providing such a wonderful and professional service to improve Mental Health. To each and every one of your professionals and especially to Lic. Damaris Cortés, thank you very much for helping so many people to be able to live a healthier life because mental health is paramount… Whoever has control of their mind has the control of your life.

Karime Bernabe

In November of last year my son began his therapies at DC WELLNESS, his situation was critical with a long way to go, the care he received really made my son a person with a desire to live, with short and long-term goals, but with a very valuable meaning for him, the therapies that he receives are not only from the professional point of view, but also show him a true interest as a human being and love, they have helped him discover the great human being that he is, that being human who was trapped from childhood to adulthood, I am very grateful to Damariz Cortes for all the help she has given my son and me as well.

Jenny Landau

A place where you truly find the support, help and support/guidance you need, the atmosphere, the team and the professionalism you receive are incredible. You will feel and improve amazingly. DCW and Damaris are waiting for you.

Jairo Martinez

Christopher A Sanchez

Ruth Rodriguez

Gibby Gibb

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