Depression and Its Warning Signs


Depression is the main factor causing disability in the U.S. 7.1% of the adult population, or 17.3 million adults, are thought to have experienced at least one major depressive episode. While depression is a common and serious mental illness that has an adverse impact on how one feels, thinks, and behaves, thankfully, it is treatable.

As a provider of behavioral health services in Hendersonville, North Carolina, we share the most common warning signs to see if it’s time for you to see a mental health professional and get treated:

  • Changes in appetite and weight

    A sudden weight change, whether gain or loss, can be a sign of depression, particularly for those who also exhibit other depressive symptoms or have a history of depression. The change in weight can vary from person to person. While some people gain weight due to increased appetite, others experience weight loss.

  • Uncontrollable Emotions

    People with depression may frequently feel as though their life is out of control and have trouble processing their emotions. They may have sudden mood changes and feel as though there is no point in life.

  • Increased fatigue and sleep problems

    Individuals suffering from depression have a hard time sleeping and constantly feel tired even at the simplest activities, such as taking a bath or getting out of bed.

If you believe you have these warning signs that have affected your daily life function, it is best to seek help from a behavioral health agency near you.

DC Wellness Mental and Behavioral Health Services offers mental health services in North Carolina to youth, adults, and seniors with mental, behavioral, or psychiatric challenges.

For cognitive behavioral therapy and other related services, you can trust our highly trained staff to help you find the confidence and self-acceptance you need to live a healthier, happier life.

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