Coping with Trauma: Simple Ways to Help a Friend

Coping with Trauma: Simple Ways to Help a Friend

Watching a friend deal with trauma and go through mental health challenges can be hard. Many want to help them but do not know what to say or do. However, disappearing from their lives is not the solution, but your help and support are.


Your friend may most likely be going through cognitive behavioral therapy. While they do, you can also help them out through the following:


  • Read on the matter.

    Providers of mental health services in Hendersonville, North Carolina are trained to spot the symptoms of trauma. But, you may not be aware that your friend is showing such symptoms. So, make sure that you educate yourself on the subject.

  • Be patient.

    Your friend should take the lead when it comes to talking about their experience. Be patient. Forcing them to talk is not beneficial for them. You may have good intentions but it will not be good for their emotional and mental health. You can also seek advice from professionals specializing in mental health in Puerto Rico.

  • Promote relaxation.

    Make suggestions on what they can do to relax, focusing on what they enjoy doing. It is also better if you suggest to accompany them to these activities.

  • Ask before you hug.

    Hugging is human nature. But, for trauma victims, physical touch may bring back painful memories. Ask first before wrapping your hands around them.

  • Suggest a support group.

    Like behavioral health services in North Carolina, support groups can help your friend. Find and suggest one.

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