Benefits of an Emotional Support Group

Benefits of an Emotional Support Group

Some people prefer to deal with personal problems on their own. The number of people who inflict self-harm has been on the rise since early 2010. Whether or not self-harming and personal problems are correlated is another matter, but it is undeniable that expressing your grief to others has multiple benefits. Below are just some of the many benefits one gets when he expresses his grief:


  • It makes you feel less isolated.

    The term “misery loves company” sounds very bleak, but it does have a ring of truth to it. Knowing that you are not alone makes the matter less severe when you are going through a rough time.


  • Venting out is therapeutic.

    Similar to studies that show swearing can instantly lessen a painful reaction, being able to share your troubles with someone makes you feel substantially better. You only need a lending ear.


  • You get valuable insights.

    Depending on how a person processes their feelings, some troubled people often cloud in their thoughts. Fortunately, support groups provide sensible solutions and ways of coping.


  • You learn healthy coping mechanisms.

    People cope differently, and some coping mechanisms are better than others. Simply expressing what ails you to a trustworthy and empathic support group can go a long way and save you from doing things you will regret later.

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