Debunking the Relationship between Empathy and Anger


Sometimes, emotions can be complicated. We know it is not as simple as angry, sad, mad, happy, excited, and nervous. What we feel is sometimes- more than what we know. Today, the records are rising due to anger management cases. Anger is often complicated because there are plenty of root causes why a person becomes angry.
Empathy is commonly the big button that can inhibit the arousal of anger. As a provider of behavioral health services in North Carolina, we recognize that empathy takes in two forms: emotional and cognitive empathy. The latter can even exist in the absence of emotional empathy. Individuals with low cognitive empathy have a higher chance not to be able to reduce the impact of triggering anger and aggression.
Cognitive-behavioral therapy can help manage anger, learning to acknowledge and practice empathy. With this kind of therapy, strategies will develop and be incorporated. It will include listening to others, understanding body language and voice tone, and recognizing one another’s biases.
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